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It takes a TEAM to save lives! There are many ways to volunteer at Cody’s Friends Rescue! Let us know your talents and we will put them to great use! We welcome volunteers 18 years and older. Volunteers under the age of 18 may help as well, if they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Benefits of Volunteering

  • You’re making a difference and impacting our community

  • You’re reducing the euthanasia rates

  • You’re changing the destiny of one precious soul at a time

  • You can earn community service hours

  • You can watch a dog’s transformation from despair to pure happiness

  • You’ll make new friends (human and dog friends)!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Foster

    • Fosters are the backbone of our organization! As a foster, you provide a safe and loving home for the pup, provide care (food, exercise, basic training). You help with getting your pup to vet appointments (Cody's covers all medical care), and you help determine what your foster dog's perfect home looks like. Fosters provide us pictures and bios to help us find that home! Apply here! (link to foster application).

  • Temp Foster

    • Temp fosters fill in for a foster of record for specific dates during vacations or when family obligations arise.

  • Remote Foster

    • Not in a position to bring a dog into your home? As a remote foster, you can serve as the advocate for a dog in boarding! Taking the dog on outings for socialization, getting pictures and information for a bio all help prepare the pup for adoption!

  • Transporter

    • We frequently use transporters to pick dogs up from shelters and deliver them to a foster, or to help a foster with vet appointments, etc. Some transporters donate time and gas, but we're happy to reimburse for gas money, too!

  • Event Support

    • We welcome volunteers to come out and help during our Meet-and-Greet events with everything from greeting guests, unloading and reloading the dogs, crates and supplies, walking the dogs for nature breaks, and more!

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More Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Foster Team Lead

    • Team Leads help oversee a group of dogs or litter(s) of puppies to ensure we meet vetting due dates, keep bios and pictures updated, and support the fosters in their work.

  • ​Fundraising

    • ​Volunteers assist with online and in-person fundraising projects!

  • Photography

    • A picture tells a thousand words! Photographers work with fosters to capture photos of the foster dogs for biography profiles and social media, sometimes one-on-one and sometimes with photo shoot events!

  • Clerical, various

    • Our volunteers help with database entries, scheduling vet appointments, drafting content and graphics for social media, and so much more! Let us know what interests you and we can put your time and talents to good use!

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