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  • Where is Cody's Friends Rescue located?
    We operate in the greater Dallas/Ft Worth, TX metroplex.
  • How can we meet the dogs?
    We hold public meet-and-greets in various venues in the area on most weekends. Also, once we have your application and it has been approved, we will arrange for private meet-and-greets!
  • What is your adoption process?
    Please read the information on our Adoption Process page for all the details.
  • How long does your adoption process take?
    We are generally able to review and respond to applications within 24-48 hours, sometimes less! Please allow the foster parent an additional 24 hours to reach out!
  • How much are your adoption fees?
    Our adoption donations are $350 for puppies up to 6 months of age, $300 for young dogs and adults, and $150 for our seniors over 9 years of age, and cover vaccinations for DAPP, bordetella, rabies, a chip and activation, a heartworm test (except for puppies) and spay/neuter surgery.
  • Do you adopt outside of the DFW metroplex?
    Every application we receive is given consideration. However, we do not have any ability to transport outside of the DFW area.
  • Where can we see your adoptable dogs?
    Look for our current roster of available dogs on our Adoptable Dog page.
  • Where are your events listed?
    We post our events on our website Events page and on Facebook in the "Events" section. We also post details during the week for upcoming events on Facebook and Instagram!
  • How can we donate?
    We rely on donations to save our dogs. Donate Online Today!
  • The pup I wanted was not available. Do I need to fill out another application?
    No. Just email us or let one of our volunteers know which pup now interests you and we can transfer your application!
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